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China Focus

Asia Raya’s performance showcasing the performing arts of China, the music, dance and puppetry from that dynamic country to our north. We start our journey with the Yunan Fan dance. Colourful fans are used in Chinese dancing to tell stories and they often depict various things such as lanterns, baskets, flowers, etc. The fans are also used to accentuate the dancer's movements and costumes. After this we have a musical item, a short demonstration of the Hulusi, which is a Chinese flute made from a gourd. After the Hulusi, we are ready for another dance.

The Fan Dance

The Unbrella Dance

The Ribbon Dance

The Hulusi

The Yang Quin

The Ribbon Dance

The Fan Dance

The Dragon

The Kung Fu Fan Dance

This time the ribbon dance. The movements of the clouds are used in this dance to guide the ribbons as they float through the air. Next is another musical item, namely the Yangquin, a Lute. This instrument encapsulates the tranquility and yearning of the Chinese people. Next up is a modern dance called the “Kung Fu Fan dance”. Kung Fu itself goes back thousands of years, and this dance uses the traditional movements of Kung Fu in a modern composition. Then we have a demonstration of the famous Chinese martial art form called “Wushu”. This is followed by a Chinese lion dance. A single person Northern lion accompanied by the Chinese temple drum. Anybody who has seen a Chinese lion dance will know how fascinating it is. Nita then gets the students up (if the venue allows), and they follow her in the fan dance. “China focus” concludes with a shadow puppet performance, where we tell a Chinese folk story using shadow puppetry.

Dragons are a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the Chinese people, and now if time and space permit, after the shadow puppets, we present an item where we use a Chinese temple drum to awaken the dragon, who then leads students in a parade around the hall, students carrying and waving colourful props and playing small gongs and cymbals. A "China focus" performance usually goes for 50 min, plus an extra 10 min. if we have the student parade at the end.

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The Northern Lion

Costing and Contact

A performance of "China Focus" costs $1320.00 + GST, plus travel, which depends on where your school is situated. Schools within 100 km radius of Bendigo are free. A travel component of $50.00 is added for every further 50 km from Bendigo. The travel component for schools within the metropolitan region is rated at $100.00 for schools North of the city, Eastern or Geelong freeways, and $150.00 for schools South of the city, Eastern or Geelong freeways.

As well as a travel component, there is a fee of $3.20 per child above 200 students. For example a school of 310 students North of the city would incur a cost of $1320.00 (base rate) + $100.00 (travel) + $352.00 ($3.20×110 students) = $1772.00 + GST of $177.20 = $1,949.20.

Extra performances on the day incur an extra cost of $260.00 per extra performance.

Why not "China Focus" plus a day of workshops? If workshops on the same day as a performance, the workshops are cheaper at $420.00 for the first two, thereafter the full rate of $780.00 per facilitator per day. See workshop page for details.

Or if your budget doesn't quite stretch to a China focus performance or workshops, why not have a Chinese shadow puppet performance Click here and scroll to the shadow puppet section for more information

For all bookings and inquires, don’t hesitate to contact us. Details are at the bottom-left of the page.

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