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Journey through Asia

Asia Raya presents “Journey through Asia”, a performance of music, puppetry and dance from Asia . The performing arts of this region are spectacular and reflect a diverse and fascinating people from within our geographical area.

The graceful movements and exquisite costuming of the dances and the dynamism and tranquillity of the music will delight your students. They will be left with a positive image of the worth of other cultures, and Asian cultures in particular.

The performance starts with the Long Fingernail dance from Thailand. Then we have a musical item, the Yang Quin, a zither from China, followed by the Indonesian mask dance "Topeng edan". Then we do a demonstration of Pencak Silat, which is an Indonesian form of martial arts.

Then we have Kung Fu Fan dance from China or the Japanese Samurai dance. Followed by an Asian drumming demonstration, either the powerful Japanese Taiko drum, the Thai festival drum (glong yao) or the West Javanese drum called the kendang. Then watch out as the Japanese lion like creature Shi-shi Mai hits the stage. Then we have a couple of musical items from part of a Javanese gamelan. If time and the venue allow we can get everybody up to follow Nita in the Indonesian Rampak dance. We then finishing off with an Asian shadow puppet performance. A "Journey through Asia" performance usually goes for 50 min, but the time can be adjusted to suit.

There is enough in our repertoire to create a completely new "Journey through Asia" every year.

As well as an Asian performance, Asia Raya has developed performances around particular countries. There is "China focus", "Pen-tawasik" from Indonesia , and "Japan focus". Click on their names for more information.

Asia Raya also provided workshops, where your students will be engaged in “hands-on” sessions, where they learn a dance, music or martial art form from Asia . Click on the word workshops for more information.

Costing and Contact

A performance of "Journey through Asia" costs $1320.00 + GST, plus travel, which depends on where your school is situated. Schools within 100 km radius of Bendigo are free. A travel component of $50.00 is added for every further 50 km from Bendigo. The travel component for schools within the metropolitan region is rated at $100.00 for schools North of the city, Eastern or Geelong freeways, and $150.00 for schools South of the city, Eastern or Geelong freeways.

As well as a travel component, there is a fee of $3.20 per child above 200 students. For example a school of 310 students North of the city would incur a cost of $1320.00 (base rate) + $100.00 (travel) + $352.00 ($3.20×110 students) = $1772.00 + GST of $177.20 = $1,949.20.

Extra performances on the day incur an extra cost of $260.00 per extra performance.

Why not "Journey through Asia" plus a day of workshops? If workshops on the same day as a performance, the workshops are cheaper at $420.00 for the first two, thereafter the full rate of $780.00 per facilitator per day. See workshop page for details.

For all bookings and inquires, don’t hesitate to contact us. Details are at the bottom-left of the page.

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